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Water nymphs. These delightful statues were brought to England from Italy by Whitaker White in 1904 and are currently located at York House Gardens (Twickenham) alongside river Thames (South-West of London).

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crystallizations: Kazuo Haba, early 1970s.

Anonymous asked: hi im going to be trying molly for the first time, im going to do it at a giant music festival, whats your advice? and im only going to take one, how long will that last?

Just drink lots of water and enjoy yourself. Big music festivals aren’t really my thing, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Is it pure MDMA in crystal form? Or a pressed pill? That will impact your overall experience. Pure MDMA is my preference because you know what you’re getting for the most part. But if it is a pressed pill it’s likely it’s mixed with other things such as various amphetamines and fillers, which should be fine because you’re only taking one dose.

It could really last anywhere from 4-6 hours with overall effects, but your peak (the most heightened and intense period of the experience) should only last an hour or two no matter what. In my experience the effect come in waves; by this I mean, for 10 minutes you might feel little to no effects and then get an intense burst of visual distortion and/or euphoria.

If you have drug questions in the future, Erowid is a really great resource. I recommend you read up on MDMA:

Remember that everyone’s experience varies greatly even if you are taking the same dose.